t any given time, there are between 125 and 150 kids living at Island Grove Village Apartments.  They go to neighborhood schools, hang around looking for something to do after school, and are, well, kids.

Every afternoon, TGNN used to teem with an average of 60 kids taking part in our nationally-recognized after-school program, "After-School Adventures (ASA)."  Dreamed up, organized, and run by AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers, ASA was a recipient of two HUD Best Practice awards and was just a whole lot of fun.

ASA offered week-long, theme-based activities, featuring daily web pages, arts and crafts, and skills-building activities in a safe and welcoming place for kids to be after school.  On a regular basis, we posted all the stuff we were doing to our old web pages, and other Neighborhood Networks and computers around the country downloaded our program and adapted it to their needs.  Pretty cool, when you think about it.

The program ended after five successful years, though, when AmeriCorps funding guidelines were changed nationwide and we lost our VISTA Volunteers.

We are returning to after-school programming following a three-year hiatus with Kaleidoscope Youth Program (KYP), a fun and exciting after-school kids' program focused primarily on homework, academic achievement, and skills-building in a structured, supportive environment that encourages kids to be kids.