ur adult programs are designed with one simple goal: support our clients. 

Sometimes, a client is truly motivated to get his/her GED and is much closer to making it happen than he/she realizes.  We help them evaluate their skills, give them practice tests, use our collection of software, workbooks, text books, and handouts to help them improve their skills.  We even help some clients get together the money for the GED test, which is administered through Aims Community College, one of our long-time partners.  We have several "benefactors" who keep a fund ready for us to dip into for GED test costs, and we can't thank them enough.

Other times, a client comes to us with deficiencies in all sorts of areas, and they know it's going to be a long haul before they can get their GED.  And that's where we really excel, because we help them understand that learning, itself, is often a life-long process.  They see that in us, as we learn from them their staggering amounts of persistence and perseverance.

In addition to GED support, we have software, books, handouts, videos, CDs, and all sorts of other instructional materials for:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Resume writing
  • Typing
  • Spelling
  • Math
  • Job-training
  • Job-readiness
  • Learning about computers
  • Most standard office applications
  • Basic Internet training
  • Life skills
  • Basic budgeting
  • And just about anything else anyone might ask for; if we don't have it, we'll figure out how to get it.