Look at what we're doing in the Kaleidoscope Youth Program today.


Welcome!  Thanks for dropping by.

The Grove Neighborhood Network is a free, community computer lab located at Island Grove Village Apartments, a Housing and Urban Development low-income housing complex in Greeley, Colorado, about an hour north of Denver.

We are available to IGV residents, as well as the surrounding community, offering adult GED, ESL, employment-readiness and -training, all standard office applications, high-speed Internet, and just about anything else you can imagine.  For IGV youth, we offer the Kaleidoscope Youth Program, an all-volunteer summer program we are working to extend throughout the year as an after-school fun and tutoring program.

So, look around, kick your shoes off, and drop us a line if we can do anything.

Thom Mahoney
Manager of Education and Technology

Katherine Bauer
Adult Education Coordinator

Julia Berger
Kaleidoscope Youth Program Coordinator




 BF 2/20/2020